What is the CSS Profile Deadline for 2022 – 2023?

Are you applying to a college that requires the CSS Profile as part of the admissions process? If you fill it out, you may be able to receive more financial aid and make college more affordable. Don’t miss the CCS profile deadlines at your school.

What is the CSS Profile?

Similarly to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the CSS Profile is a financial aid application from College Board. It includes additional questions regarding your family’s financial situation to better determine your Student Aid Index (SAI), and colleges and universities can include school-specific questions. 

CSS Profiles are offered by around 400 schools and programs. Financial aid offers can be greatly affected by it.

What is the CSS Profile Deadline for 2022 – 2023?

Different schools have different CSS Profile deadlines for 2022 – 2023. Regular decision students typically apply between January 1st and March 31st. If you are applying under Early Action or Early Decision, you may have to submit your application sooner.

The CSS Profile must be submitted by November 1st for Early Action students, February 1st for regular decision students, and March 1st for transfer students at Harvard.

The CSS Profile will be available to students on October 1st for the upcoming school year. The application for the 2022-2023 school year could be accessed on October 1st, 2021 (the same day the FAFSA becomes available).

CSS Profiles should be completed as soon as possible, but at least two weeks before the school’s deadline. By doing this, any technical or data errors will be corrected in plenty of time.

What is the Priority Deadline?

Some schools actually offer a priority deadline for the CSS Profile. This means you will submit your profile and application sooner than other students and receive an answer faster. If your college or university offers this deadline, you may want to submit your information by this date. 

Scholarships and grants can run out, so applying under the first deadline could increase your chances of getting some assistance!

What Do You Do If You Miss the CSS Profile Deadline?

Colleges and universities tend to work with students who submit their CSS Profile late. However, getting a response may take a bit longer as previous submissions by other students will take priority. You may also miss out on financial aid packages if you wait too long.

If you believe you’re going to have to submit your CSS Profile late or you missed the deadline, contact the Financial Aid department to see if they accept late applications and get details on what to do next.

Even though they have deadlines, it’s important to not wait until the last minute to complete your CSS Profile and FAFSA. You will get an answer faster, but you may also get a larger financial aid package the sooner you apply. Waiting could mean the money has run out.

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